Chinese Ming Dynasty Bow-SiCai Bow ( Black and White Ebony)


Draw Weight at 28": 20lbs


Style: Classic

With carbon core

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Total length/(cm)  146
String Length/(cm) 130
Max.draw length/(inch) 34
Material Bearpaw Glass Fiber,Black and White Ebony, bamboo
Package Contents 1x Bow, 1x Bowstring, 1xBrocade Bow Sleeve
Increases arrow speed, reduces twist and increases strength.
  SiCai bow is a horn bow from the Ming Dynasty in China, similar to the Tatar bow and belonging to the short bow shape. But the size is slightly longer and the drawing distance is larger. In the history of bows and arrows, in the early stages, the long bow gradually increased its curvature, reduced its thickness, and increased its strength with the use of tendons and angles, ultimately evolving into this type of short bow. The short bow is similar to modern recurve bows, with a distinct reflexive part that participates in deformation and rebound, which naturally has the highest efficiency and is the most scientific. If you only want a bow and want various gameplay such as riding and shooting, precision shooting, etc., then this is the best choice.
Additional Information
Draw Weight at 28"

20lbs, 25lbs, 30lbs, 35lbs, 40lbs, 45lbs, 50lbs


Classic, With carbon core

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I am very happy with my bow. it is very beautiful and works very well. thank you for everything

Michael Canger

Just an absolute beauty! This SiCai bow shoot incredible! 100% satisfied and the customer service is top notch! couldn't be happier!

Koby Dundon
Solid bow but few blemishes

Love the bow but there are some murky blemishes on the bow. I feel like for this price there shouldn’t be any on it.

My new favorite bow from AF Archery:

This is my sixth bow from AF Archery over the past seven years. I’ve passed three of those bows on to new owners as I progressed in my shooting ability; but I still have my blue Tatar and an older factory-decorated bamboo SiCai made with a carbon fiber layer on the belly of the limbs.

After watching a review of this bow a few months ago on Armin Himmer’s YouTube Malta Archery channel I decided to get one of my own. So glad I did. The bow, with its ebony wood limbs is a thing of beauty.

But its not just pretty. AF has outdone themselves with this improved design of the SiCai. I count eight small changes that collectively make a big improvement to what was already a fine shooting bow. Compared to my older SiCai with carbon, the limbs are a tiny bit wider, noticeably thicker, and curvature of the limbs is slightly different. The grip is 1/8” thicker (doesn’t sound like much, but it really fits my hand better). The arrow pass is 1/10” narrower. The siyah are formed with an additional piece of wood that has a string groove carved into it, replacing the older plastic glued-on string guides. The new design locates the stabilizing carbon layer as a center lamination of the limbs.

This new design feels heftier in my hand; on the scale, the new SiCai design weighs 430 grams vs the old design at 300 grams. (15.2 oz. vs 10.6). The added weight makes the bow feel better holding at full draw.

I can’t compare performance of the old to the new design because my bows have different draw weights. The older design of the decorated SiCai was surprisingly more powerful than I expected when I purchased it. I say the same for this new design as it too launches arrows with more force than I expected.

I want to compete with this bow in my area, in central USA, against western longbows and recurves drawn with fingers touching the arrow. They shoot for score on a 40 cm target at 18 meters; the high scoring “5 ring” is 8 cm wide. My thumb draw is not the best for accuracy so I’m practicing with Mediterranean draw. In my first week of practice, with instinctive aim, I’m already placing half my arrows within the 16 cm “4 ring”. This bow is a shooter.