About us

   In the blink of an eye, we have been making traditional bows and arrows for more than ten years.

  Thank you for the support and attention from friends all over the world. We will continue to work hard to live up to your love.

  For many years, we have been studying the techniques of making traditional bows and arrows. We have overcome many problems and learned a lot from historical objects. As an important weapon for ancient people, the bow and arrow have been repeatedly verified and optimized by countless ancestors. Different regions, different people, and different means of use have created different types of bows and arrows around the world.

 Of course, in ancient times, most Asian bows and arrows were sinew and horn bows. But in modern times the lack of value of the material is expensive and not suitable for modern times on a large scale. The combination of fiberglass and wood is by far the best material for making bows and arrows.

  Fiberglass provides elasticity instead of sinew and horn, and wood acts as a core layer to reduce the overall density and make it rebound faster. This is what makes up a modern laminated bow. The materials are different but the principle is the same as the sinew and horn bow.

  The combination of several materials, different shapes, different lengths, and completely different experiences of use, and at the same time different aesthetics. Whenever I design a piece that I am satisfied with, I will play with it for a long time, the beautiful lines alone are enough to attract me. Perhaps the love of the bow and arrow is already engraved in human genes.

  The traditional work we make puts beauty first, and most of the designs we make reference to historical objects. When a bow is beautiful enough, it will excel in all other aspects of its use. Each bow is optimized many times to come up with the best final work to present.

  If you have any problems during the use, you can contact us at any time, every email, we will reply as soon as possible, and you are also welcome to give us valuable comments and suggestions.

  Finally, we wish you all a happy life and good health. We also hope that the bows and arrows we made can bring you more happiness in your life, it is our honor.