Chinese Ming Dynasty Bow-SiCai Bamboo


Draw Weight at 28": 25 lbs

25 lbs
33 lbs
37 lbs
43 lbs
46 lbs
47 lbs

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SiCai bow is a horn bow from the Ming Dynasty in China, similar to the Tatar bow and belonging to the short bow shape. But the size is slightly longer and the drawing distance is larger. In the history of bows and arrows, in the early stages, the long bow gradually increased its curvature, reduced its thickness, and increased its strength with the use of tendons and angles, ultimately evolving into this type of short bow. The short bow is similar to modern recurve bows, with a distinct reflexive part that participates in deformation and rebound, which naturally has the highest efficiency and is the most scientific. If you only want a bow and want various gameplay such as riding and shooting, precision shooting, etc., then this is the best choice.
Total length/(cm) 146
String Length/(cm) 130
Max.draw length/(inch) 34
Material Bamboo,Bearpaw Glass Fiber ,Black walnut
Package Contents 1xBow, 1x Bowstring, 1x Brocade Bow Sleeve
Additional Information
Draw Weight at 28"

25 lbs, 33 lbs, 37 lbs, 43 lbs, 46 lbs, 47 lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
James Kuezek
Chinese Ming Dynasty Bow-Sicai Bamboo

Excellent shooting bow

Si-cah Now - Laminated

Smooth pull in the bow, consistent weight pull increase the further back you draw.

My only regret was getting the 30lb based on misinformation from my end (thought I was used to pulling 25lb and wanted a challenge, turns out I've been pulling 22lb and a 25lb would've been enough 🤣).

So this bow has become a weight training bow for me.

Delivered in good condition. My instructor noticed a small chip in the laminating, but it was incredibly minimal. Haven't experienced any malfunctions or breakages in the 2 weeks since I've had it.

WOW Si Cai

Great workmanship.
Shoot Mediterranean and with thumb technique. Very quiet and soft extension up to 33 inches. If I didn't already have one, I would buy it. Hassle-free delivery to Germany. Through FedEx, customs asked for the purchase price. Fedex then charged a c

Joseph DaLuz
Si Cai Bow Review

What can I say. It is a pleasure to shoot this bow. You don't want to put it down. I had the original version, it broke (it was older than a year but AF replaced it anyway for a fee of about $150). The replacement I received was in curly maple, with bear paw glass. This was the only issue I've ever had with an AF bow, and I've owned three AF Turkish bows, an AF Tartar bow, and now two SiCai bows. All excellent.
With regards to the replacement of my broken bow, I think the $150 was to pay for the difference in materials as the original was not bearpaw glass, etc. That's fair. But instead of just saying so, inexplicably, AF said the reason for the $150 fee was as a "shipping fee" which I found confusing. Why didn’t they just say, “we’re going to send you an upgrade therefore to cover the cost of the upgraded materials and shipping, we’re going to charge you $150” Anyway, just a communication snafu... we weren't on the same page... we were speaking past each other... we were on different wavelengths... our wires got crossed... we were not singing from the same sheet of music... we were in different chapters of the same book. You get the picture. Have faith, they will always do the right thing to make you happy. I hope they grow into a very large and profitable business, so profitable that they are able to hire a dedicated customer service person, not that their customers have warranty issues, but because some of their customers are pesky and send too many emails (like me) and Shan Shan is needed on the production floor and not on a computer answering questions. Sorry Shan Shan.
PS—Let me say that if you're considering the Tartar bow, think about this one. Even though it's slightly larger, slightly, the draw length is much better. the draw experience is awesome. I own several bows and this one is my favorite. My go-to bow. Can't wait to receive the take down version.

Alexander Gruzdev
Alexander Gruzdev

excellent bow, at 50 lbs, performed well in shooting at 30 and 40 meters, I easily hit a 15 cm mole figure. At 90 meters, I confidently took out a bear figurine! I recommend to everyone! Many thanks and best wishes from Germany, city of Plauen
I can also advise ZhuRan, I have owned it for more than a year, it has shown itself very well!