Mongolian Bow, Yuan Dynasty Bow-Mongolia Yuan bow “ Jebe ” Gen2

Draw Weight at 28": 22 lbs
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Total length/(cm)  150
String Length/(cm) 131
Max.draw length/(inch) 34
Material Glass fiber,Bamboo,Maple
Package Contents 1x Bow, 1xBowstring, 1x Brocade Bow Sleeve


      As a weapon of the Mongolian nomadic army spanning the Eurasian continent, Mongolia Yuan bow has extremely high historical significance. We refer to many historical objects and murals to reproduce this bow. Long bows, but there is a noticeable inflection at the upper end of the bow siyah, which can greatly increase leverage, enhance drawing sensation, and increase speed. I think this is likely the early prototype of the short  bow. We have designed an exterior coating for this bow, which is based on the actual design. The bow of the nomadic people is so exquisite and advanced in design concept that people have to have a new understanding of the Mongols.

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