Tatar Bow

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Total length/(cm) :125

String Length/(cm) :121
Max.draw length/(inch) :32
Material:Tatar ( Black )   :Glass Fiber,bamboo, ash wood 
                Tatar ( Oak  )   :Glass Fiber,bamboo, ash wood 
                Tatar ( Blue )   :Brids Eye Maple,Bearpaw Glass Fiber ,bamboo, ash wood

  1. This is a Tatar laminated bow. The bow length is 53". The bowstring length is 47.6" .The draw weight is 20-50 pounds. And the brace height is 6.7". We measured the pounds at 28" and at 32" maximum.The draw length adds 2-3 pounds per inch.
  2. The bow handle and tip are made of black walnut. The limb is compressed by the bamboo and glass fiber layer, which is strong and durable. The weight of the bow body is 0.4kg. The length of the strung bow is 49″. It is suitable for horseback shooting, with advantages of fast, light and short.
  3. The bone piece shooting point on both sides of the bow handle makes it more wearable. You can shoot with both right and left hands. The power is strong, the shooting speed is fast
  4. There are bridges on the bow tip, which makes the bowstring have more stable springback .It is more safe and efficient. It can be compatible with other bowstrings, such as fast flight string.
  5. For the arrows: The weight of the arrow must be more than poundage*0.6gram . For example: If the weight of your bow is 50 pounds, the weight of your arrow must be more than 30gram. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.