Han Bow

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Han Bow / Han long bow
Total length/(cm) :138 /143
String Length/(cm) :127/131
Max.draw length/(inch) :34 /35
Material:Glass Fiber,ash wood   

4 Tip
1. tips: there is a process on the tips by sanding, which can make the bow looks more smooth and more  beautiful.
riser:the riser also have a sanding process from square to roundness, which surrounded by  cow leather,the arrow rest is
made of pearl fish skin,The improvement of these details can make our bow more efficient and looks awesome, can also bring
a wonderful touch feelings for archer .
3.limbs:the more smooth pulling comes from gradually thinning process of the limbs .
4.whole bow:Through the bold improvement of AF-archery team,the performance and touch feeling have a substantial promotion. it have a awesome  appearance, still more, it can also against lateral torsion effectively and make your bow have a long life